SteerSimple + You = Success

Tudip SteerSimple is a Project, Resource and Customer Management solution that helps SMBs steer towards growth path at a very affordable price. SteerSimple users stand out in the crowd and are real heroes to their customers. Its Simple!


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Track Your Way

On the web and on the move! Track project and people with detailed charts and reports to visualize time and discover hidden pointers to greater productivity.

Time is Money

Easy-to-use interface will make your resources super productive, delivery focused and will enable operational transparency.

Collaborate Instantly

Whether you are working on single or multiple projects, collaborate knowledge and documents in any format, instantly within your organization.

Customer Focused

A unique approach to customer engagement enables you to delight your customers in ways not possible before.


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SteerSimple is an excellent software which provides one stop solution for all the business day to day operations. No more contacting and calling people for updates. All the information is at my fingertips.